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Baba Yaga

When we cobbled together our list of fairy tales for the rest of the year, we thought that a bit of Russian/Slavonic influence might be interesting – and who can resist a hut on chicken legs? And so, Baba Yaga … Continue reading

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On a Pedestal

I have an exhibition coming up, at the Cetra Gallery on the Wirrall, and I’m happy to say that this month’s sculpture will be making its way up there as part of my body of work going there. So…….here’s my … Continue reading

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A god of glass

As seems often to be the way with slightly longer courses, while in Germany we were required to think about and produce a ‘final piece’… something with meaning, preferably mixed-media, using the techniques we learnt during the course. Since I … Continue reading

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A reply, and another situation vacant

First the reply: Dear Sir, I read with interest your advertisement for mice. I am only one mouse but I come from a large family and 5 of my brothers have also expressed a desire to respond to this post. … Continue reading

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Oooh, Grandma…

Well, we all know how that one goes. “Oooh, grandma….what big eyes you have! ” If you are going to remember anything from Little Red Riding Hood, it is likely to be that line and those that follow. I am … Continue reading

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The importance of being patient

When making something that represents the slow passing of time, patience might seem like an obvious quality to need. After all, there’s no rush if you have all the time in the world. Borosilicate glass is also a material that … Continue reading

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Research or creative flow?

Right! I’m quite pleased – in a way – to have encountered something worthy of an ‘untold tale’ in the process of creativity in my very first attempt. You see…I decided to make a spindle, so I went into the … Continue reading

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