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Cracking a Nut

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun! I was overtaken by events yet again, and Plan A turned out to be too work-intensive. Never mind! So, my (rather tenuous) link this month is that Katie Crackernuts is, in essence, a problem … Continue reading

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I blame the mirror

There’s a lot to be said for growing old gracefully. Not wearing mini skirts, leopard-skin print leggings or midriff-revealers aged 55, not using surgery to stretch skin and remove wrinkles, not dying hair platinum blonde to disguise the grey. I … Continue reading

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Please let me in

Oh, this was a toughie. Not only had I already, ages ago, made a bead called ‘the snow queen’ …but I wanted to create something…I don’t know…something special for this one. I have always loved this fairy tale, but I … Continue reading

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Puzzles and parallels

The history of lampworking is fascinating. Like many trades, glass working has been affected by social conditions and politics through time. In addition, and for a number of reasons, the skills, techniques and recipes have often been closely guarded secrets, … Continue reading

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Drink with me

I have always loved the Baba Yaga stories, and truth be told, I have always rather liked the old witch herself. She isn’t always bad – like Ruebezahl, she is fickle – and in any case, I’ve always had a … Continue reading

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Opening the jar

I’m going to pretend that I’ve crept over into October with good reason. It isn’t quite true, but the theme of my piece does fit with a theme of October. To be pedantic, the better translation for Pandora’s box is … Continue reading

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A Bucketful of Hope

Whatever happened to Hope? I was tempted to call the piece ‘Elpis’ (the name of the spirit ‘Hope’), but I know I’m prone to overcomplicating names. So, Hope remained behind. The rest of the content of Pandora’s jar flew about, … Continue reading

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On a Pedestal

I have an exhibition coming up, at the Cetra Gallery on the Wirrall, and I’m happy to say that this month’s sculpture will be making its way up there as part of my body of work going there. So…….here’s my … Continue reading

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A reply, and another situation vacant

First the reply: Dear Sir, I read with interest your advertisement for mice. I am only one mouse but I come from a large family and 5 of my brothers have also expressed a desire to respond to this post. … Continue reading

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Job Advert

Wanted: Six white mice. Must be able to work hard and be trustworthy. Job involves close contact with vegetables, which must not be consumed under any circumstances. Night shifts only. Ability to turn into white horse distinct advantage to the … Continue reading

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