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Drink with me

I have always loved the Baba Yaga stories, and truth be told, I have always rather liked the old witch herself. She isn’t always bad – like Ruebezahl, she is fickle – and in any case, I’ve always had a … Continue reading

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Opening the jar

I’m going to pretend that I’ve crept over into October with good reason. It isn’t quite true, but the theme of my piece does fit with a theme of October. To be pedantic, the better translation for Pandora’s box is … Continue reading

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Ups and downs

Well, I did it. I made something that made me smile. Actually, I made several things, and they all made me smile. I hope they will make you smile too. They are quite different to my usually quite restrained and … Continue reading

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Less than the sum of the parts

When I chose Cinderella, I found myself getting excited by all sorts of ideas. Moving glass figures, ugly sisters with Corpse Bride style faces, clocks, pumpkins and carriages… broomsticks and fires, dancehalls and winged creatures (a very early Greek version … Continue reading

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The colour of sleep

At the torch, thinking. If I am going to use glass to illustrate Sleeping Beauty, I’m going to use coloured glass. If I’m going to to use coloured glass, I need to know what colour to use. So…. what colour … Continue reading

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The importance of being patient

When making something that represents the slow passing of time, patience might seem like an obvious quality to need. After all, there’s no rush if you have all the time in the world. Borosilicate glass is also a material that … Continue reading

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