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I have not posted on this blog for a while, and I think it started from not completing one month’s task, and then slipping from there. Ironically, this has led to me not posting about the one fairytale I was … Continue reading

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Katie Crackernuts

When Sabine suggested Katie Crackernuts, how could I resist? Never mind the story, I just love the name! The sound of it, the alliteration, the suggestiveness… I love it all. The story itself is interesting, too. For once, the wickedness … Continue reading

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Baba Yaga

When we cobbled together our list of fairy tales for the rest of the year, we thought that a bit of Russian/Slavonic influence might be interesting – and who can resist a hut on chicken legs? And so, Baba Yaga … Continue reading

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Pandora’s Box

It’s September! And I can’t quite believe that this is the 6th month we’ve been going! This month’s tale is well-known in principle, but in practice, I wonder how many people have actually read it beginning to end, and for … Continue reading

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Imagine this..

Well, for August I have chosen Oscar Wilde’s The Happy Prince. I wanted to do a fairy tale by Wilde because when I first read these, my own children were young and I loved the stories. Having re-read them now, … Continue reading

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It’s July! And July is a very special month for both Emma and me, since we will be spending most of it in each other’s company, in Germany, taking part in a course led by Shane Fero, as part of … Continue reading

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The elephant in the room

When Emma and I discussed Cinderella, interestingly, we bounced lots of ideas back and forth, but neither of us, as far as I remember, ever mentioned the elephant in the room. Now, here’s a fairy tale that actually features ‘glass’, … Continue reading

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A Dance to the music of Time

And so to June, and Cinderella. I have just bought a retro musical box from ebay, complete with dancing figurine. Anyone who knows me might be a little surprised by this, and even more surprised by my delighted reaction when … Continue reading

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The Fear of Shadows

It’s May! Which means we should really share the fairy tale for this month. My turn to pick, and I chose Little Red Riding Hood. I think this fairy tale has fascinated me for a long, long time…I mean, there … Continue reading

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Research or creative flow?

Right! I’m quite pleased – in a way – to have encountered something worthy of an ‘untold tale’ in the process of creativity in my very first attempt. You see…I decided to make a spindle, so I went into the … Continue reading

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