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“If you keep house for us…”

The misfortune of female fairy tale protagonists never ceases to amaze me. Women are either evil or innocent (and therefore protected by magic, fairy godmothers, spirits of dead mothers, etc.) – I remember that, as a girl, I was really … Continue reading

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I blame the mirror

There’s a lot to be said for growing old gracefully. Not wearing mini skirts, leopard-skin print leggings or midriff-revealers aged 55, not using surgery to stretch skin and remove wrinkles, not dying hair platinum blonde to disguise the grey. I … Continue reading

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Snow White

Oops! In past months, we always talked about who would post the month’s starting post…this month, we’re talking behind the scenes who is doing what, but I just realised we never posted. So. Yes. It’s Snow White. After getting somewhat … Continue reading

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