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Baba Yaga

When we cobbled together our list of fairy tales for the rest of the year, we thought that a bit of Russian/Slavonic influence might be interesting – and who can resist a hut on chicken legs? And so, Baba Yaga … Continue reading

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A Bucketful of Hope

Whatever happened to Hope? I was tempted to call the piece ‘Elpis’ (the name of the spirit ‘Hope’), but I know I’m prone to overcomplicating names. So, Hope remained behind. The rest of the content of Pandora’s jar flew about, … Continue reading

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Pandora’s Box

It’s September! And I can’t quite believe that this is the 6th month we’ve been going! This month’s tale is well-known in principle, but in practice, I wonder how many people have actually read it beginning to end, and for … Continue reading

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On a Pedestal

I have an exhibition coming up, at the Cetra Gallery on the Wirrall, and I’m happy to say that this month’s sculpture will be making its way up there as part of my body of work going there. So…….here’s my … Continue reading

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Enter the statue

Hmmm…..ever since we sat in our little rented kitchen in Germany and tried to map out fairytales for the rest of the year (yes, we’re *that* organised), I have been pondering The Happy Prince. The idea that statues are alive, … Continue reading

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A final piece and a cop-out

Ah well. As I said in this month’s first post, this month’s challenge was Ruebezahl, and with 16 days spent behind the torch, you’d think it would be a minor thing to produce something worthwhile. Instead, I found myself in … Continue reading

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It’s July! And July is a very special month for both Emma and me, since we will be spending most of it in each other’s company, in Germany, taking part in a course led by Shane Fero, as part of … Continue reading

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Job Advert

Wanted: Six white mice. Must be able to work hard and be trustworthy. Job involves close contact with vegetables, which must not be consumed under any circumstances. Night shifts only. Ability to turn into white horse distinct advantage to the … Continue reading

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The elephant in the room

When Emma and I discussed Cinderella, interestingly, we bounced lots of ideas back and forth, but neither of us, as far as I remember, ever mentioned the elephant in the room. Now, here’s a fairy tale that actually features ‘glass’, … Continue reading

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The Shadow of my Fears

Okay……….this was hard work – and actually, in more ways than one. My initial idea seemed simple in principle, although I was never kidding myself that it would be simple in practice! What I wanted was a forest, or at … Continue reading

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