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When the glass talks

To continue the theme of stories and conversations, sometimes a new idea really does feel like a conversation with the glass itself. I started with goblets and dragons. They made me want to develop a new idea along the same … Continue reading

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Telling tales

A couple of months ago, we visited Istanbul. We walked and we walked and we walked, and we could have walked for many more days before becoming tired of all the sights and sounds and smells of that city. It … Continue reading

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What happened before

Well, I made an Icarus… but he proved to be, for me, a flight too high. I still need to work on my figures and the winged  figure, while it did work, wasn’t something I felt particularly happy with as … Continue reading

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Flying too high

Coming back home a few weeks ago, I caught a radio programme – one of those start-the-day type programmes on Radio 4.  One of the people featured was a young poet, Kate Tempest, talking about her latest work. Now, I … Continue reading

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It’s been a while

Actually, quite a while. Probably fair to say that both of us found ourselves too involved in other things to keep this blog going at the same time. I think it is probably also fair to say that we had … Continue reading

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The endless dance

I think my efforts this month could fairly be called Work in Progress as well. The result reflects a continued desire to make something kinetic and (if only vaguely!) functional and to combine glass with other materials. I have been … Continue reading

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Katie Crackernuts

When Sabine suggested Katie Crackernuts, how could I resist? Never mind the story, I just love the name! The sound of it, the alliteration, the suggestiveness… I love it all. The story itself is interesting, too. For once, the wickedness … Continue reading

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I blame the mirror

There’s a lot to be said for growing old gracefully. Not wearing mini skirts, leopard-skin print leggings or midriff-revealers aged 55, not using surgery to stretch skin and remove wrinkles, not dying hair platinum blonde to disguise the grey. I … Continue reading

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The past and the future

I was given a copy of Tolkien’s Letters from Father Christmas by my uncle. Having been given The Hobbit, which I hated, the previous year, I wasn’t too thrilled with yet another Tolkien book. (In my defence, I was far … Continue reading

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Puzzles and parallels

The history of lampworking is fascinating. Like many trades, glass working has been affected by social conditions and politics through time. In addition, and for a number of reasons, the skills, techniques and recipes have often been closely guarded secrets, … Continue reading

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