I have not posted on this blog for a while, and I think it started from not completing one month’s task, and then slipping from there. Ironically, this has led to me not posting about the one fairytale I was looking forward to for most of the year, since, early on, Emma and I decided that “Rapunzel” would – handily – coincide with my Follies for Follies project, where I did, indeed, do “Rapunzel”. So, let me do a bit of a year’s re-cap:

My favourite view

Rapunzel – the culmination of seven months of work, which is also what distracted me from this blog. Following the first year, we kind of slipped out of our strict “one tale a month” routine, and I – well, I lost the “plot”, I guess.

Recently, I re-visited and re-did my Snow Queen sculpture:

Let Me In Full

Let me in Crop 2

…this is now on display at the Ashton Memorial.

And I guess, with a bit of creative thinking, I could align this one to the Three Little Pigs:

House of Hopes - writing by Y6 Christ Church School, Lancaster

A House of Hopes, featuring future hopes and dreams from Y6 at Christ Church School in Lancaster – don’t huff and puff!!

I did work on Icarus, and actually did so with a specific exhibition in mind, but the submission deadline passed, and the project was left unfinished. Well, that won’t do :) So, here we go, I’m giving myself until the end of May to finish my “Icarus”, and after that……..who knows!

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