The endless dance

I think my efforts this month could fairly be called Work in Progress as well. The result reflects a continued desire to make something kinetic and (if only vaguely!) functional and to combine glass with other materials. I have been wanting to work with copper for some time – the intention had been to make parts for a marble run, but I hope the very generous person who gave me a big paper bag full of copper pipes, solder, flux and wires for that purpose won’t mind too much that I’ve used some of it for something a bit different.

Making this was tricky for lots of reasons, but I’ve learned a huge amount (including, don’t heat copper after you’ve soldered it!) and I’d love to do more.

So, Katie Crackernuts. Well, I said I wanted to make a mobile for the baby and that is what I set out to do. The baby is a fairy baby, and it was apparently a common European belief that fairies forced young men and women to come and dance, causing them to become exhausted and waste away. The disease involved was consumption (or tuberculosis).

My dancing figures are circus acrobats, unable to stop, constantly twisting with the wind, their colour drained by the structure that holds them fast and will not let them go. I’m used to working in colour  – I don’t ‘do’ clear – but for this mobile, my colour has gone, leaving just an outline.

An endless dance

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