Cracking a Nut

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun! I was overtaken by events yet again, and Plan A turned out to be too work-intensive. Never mind! So, my (rather tenuous) link this month is that Katie Crackernuts is, in essence, a problem solver. She perseveres, she doesn’t abandon her sister – or the prince – she hangs in there until she finds a solution.

So…no giving up. Not even when the first attempt of a technique, back in 2008, produced a rather interesting, blobby failure about the size of a baby’s palm. Thankfully, we pick up skills along the way. Now, there are people who are very good at this kind of thing, for example Carrie Fertig and Scott Chaseling, but still, for a first attempt, I’m quite pleased… might be more egg than nut (it was a walnut I was aiming for, lol!). In the spirit of this blog documenting a learning journey, I don’t mind showing it off, but I’ll let you know that it’ll only have its name in lights for a few minutes, just enough for a photo shoot (from its most ‘nutty’ side). I wouldn’t say that I ‘cracked’ a nut, but next time, I’ll be starting from a higher vantage point.

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