December – Letters from Father Christmas

Oh, I feel all virtuous, having managed November in time. Now, it’s December. I can tell, because my son’s wails have changed, from ‘I want to open a doooooor!’ to ‘I want to open aNOTHER dooooor!’ – on his advent calendar. When Emma and I sat down in July to decide on the rest of the year, she mentioned Tolkien’s Letters from Father Christmas. Me, pleb that I am, had never heard of them. But having looked into them, I’ve got to admire Tolkien’s stamina – it’s a beautiful collection, created for his children over a period of 20 years.


I have to admit, I don’t think I ever believed in Santa….but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want a letter looking like this coming through my letter box:


As a Mum, I’m somewhat humbled by the trouble Tolkien went through to make Christmas magical – as an artist, I have to say I don’t exactly have tons of inspiration yet…but then, it’s only the first of December…


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