Double Trouble

Right… it is. A late Baba Yaga, and a cop-out at the same time. I had great expectations to play with something fused this week, but my kiln won’t get here until the very end of November, so I feel I’ve held up the queue long enough!

There are two aspects in Baba Yaga that intrigue me. One (which was to be my original topic) are the horse riders, representing dawn, noon and night, I had a lighting structure all planned and everything. Ah well.

The second is the mother’s ability – across a number of fairy tales, really – to directly influence their children’s happiness from beyond the grave. In Vasilisa the brave, the mother gives her daughter a doll – which needs to be fed before it can help…slightly creepy, if you ask me – in Cinderella, for example, the tree on the mother’s grave provides dresses for Cinderella to go to the ball. This all seems very far-fetched and, of course, fairytale-like. Although…

The other day I was in the car with my son, who will be four at the end of this month. And here’s is our conversation:

Me: “Do you know I love you?” Munchkin: “Yes.” Me: “How do you know?” Munchkin: “Because you tell me lots every day.” Me: “And if I didn’t tell you, would you still know?” Munchkin: “Yes, because all the leaves whisper to me all the time that my Mummy loves me.”

It was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard out of his little mouth (apart from, maybe, that very first “I love you, mummy!”) Wind and leaves are almost anywhere (certainly where I live!), and the idea that, whenever you see them move or you hear them whisper, you know that you are loved, is incredibly heart-warming and … yes … soppy.

So, I thought to enhance the whisper of the leaves with a little glassy tinkle:

"All the leaves whisper to me all the time that my Mummy loves me!"

"All the leaves whisper to me all the time that my Mummy loves me!"

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