November, November

I’ve never really liked November in the Lakes. The autumn colours have mainly gone, the weather has turned cold and all is a flat, dull grey. There are compensations, of course. If you get up early enough, the lakes themselves are beautiful in early morning mist, and on the occasional sunny day, the hills still look enticing. What they lack, even though the air has become so much colder, is snow. Snow makes everything look prettier, even when it is just a dusting on the tops. It could justifiably be argued that it is best left as just a dusting on the tops, given the disruption caused when it descends lower, but even then it does look breathtakingly beautiful on a winter’s day. The idea of the Snow Queen, icy and magnificent but at the same time cruel and malevolent, is very easy to understand living here.

Snow queen

Tempting as it is to think of making a snow mask, or something frosted or icy, that would mean working with clear glass – and that isn’t me, however hard I try! Since the Snow Queen is also at heart a story about love and about staying true, I’m going to return to something I love to do and concentrate on the puzzle Kay needed to solve. I will confess that when it came to A level choice, I went for maths, special maths, further maths and (to make the teachers happy) physics. This was solely because I loved maths and in particular solving maths puzzles and, being a lazy teenager, chose the (at the time!) easy option. I have moved on a bit since those possibly rather geeky days, but retain a love of puzzle-solving and hope to produce something that will reflect this.

And at the end of the day, there’s nothing like a good puzzle to while away those long, cold, grey November evenings.

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One Response to November, November

  1. Kevin says:

    Sounds interesting, can’t wait!!