Opening the jar

I’m going to pretend that I’ve crept over into October with good reason. It isn’t quite true, but the theme of my piece does fit with a theme of October.

To be pedantic, the better translation for Pandora’s box is apparently Pandora’s jar. Pandora could have had no idea what her jar contained. The contents must have been a complete surpise – and something of a shock. I wonder what really made her do it, what finally made her give in to her curiosity. Did she hear noises from inside? Did the jar feel heavy, or rattle when it was shaken? Was it just a nagging desire to know for certain, some need to finally discover? Did someone else ask about it, or tease her for leaving it closed?

October is breast cancer awareness month, and in many ways discovering that you have cancer is a bit like giving in to that curiosity. A niggling doubt, a strange feeling, a lump or a heaviness….  (ok, maybe not the rattle!). We can’t know what lies within until we investigate, until in effect we open our own Pandora’s vessel. It is scary, the thought of what opening that vessel might lead to. But thanks to research, just like the gods with Pandora, there is also hope. A little spirit of luck that might just mean that those wicked spirits are overcome and sent on their way. Not always, but much more than ever before.

So, I have chosen to make a series of vessels in the shape of bodies. Each is open, but each is still intact, with hope as a small winged spirit hovering close. To me, they represent a hope for the future, when Pandora’s jar can be opened without worry, when the world can’t be harmed by any spirits found.


Pandora's vessels

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2 Responses to Opening the jar

  1. Beautiful vessels, wonderful post x x

  2. Kevin says:

    What a wonderful piece, very poignant. I love the vessels and the winged spirit, they look very mysterious.