A Bucketful of Hope

Whatever happened to Hope? I was tempted to call the piece ‘Elpis’ (the name of the spirit ‘Hope’), but I know I’m prone to overcomplicating names. So, Hope remained behind. The rest of the content of Pandora’s jar flew about, spreading hunger and strife (or whatever they were spreading), and the ‘glimmer of hope’ remained behind. Locked up. In the dark. Good job it glimmers, eh?

But do we know what happened next? No, no fairytale (or myth) ever bothers with this, only ever getting as far as ‘and they lived happily ever after’ – if they bother at all. So, whatever happened to Hope? Let me tell you. That little glimmer of Hope that remained in Pandora’s jar, it bred. It grew, and grew, and multiplied, until there was so much Hope that it couldn’t, wouldn’t be contained. Since then, when Hope itself forced the lid open and escaped, all on its own, there are glimmers of Hope to be found anywhere and everywhere. And no person ever had to be without Hope, ever again.

A Bucketful of Hope(Photo by Simon Bruntnell)

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One Response to A Bucketful of Hope

  1. Katrin says:

    awwww, good to know.
    I tend to forget this.