Enter the statue

Hmmm…..ever since we sat in our little rented kitchen in Germany and tried to map out fairytales for the rest of the year (yes, we’re *that* organised), I have been pondering The Happy Prince. The idea that statues are alive, surveying us, and have some sort of power – in the sense of the Happy Prince deciding who receives his gems and gold leaf, but maybe less tangible, simply by their history and life casting a shadow – both real and imagined – over the people below. Who do we put on pedestals? Whose deeds do we allow to overshadow our own? Whose light do we consider to be so bright that we want to be reminded of it at all times? Here I go with light and shadow again. I’m working hard on this one, however, I already have to warn that the photo won’t be ready until September…….because this one will get photographed by a professional :)

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