The elephant in the room

When Emma and I discussed Cinderella, interestingly, we bounced lots of ideas back and forth, but neither of us, as far as I remember, ever mentioned the elephant in the room. Now, here’s a fairy tale that actually features ‘glass’, in slipper form. And yet, the thought of making a glass slipper never occurred to me! Like Emma, I went straight for the movement, although my thoughts went more in the direction of a pumpkin carriage. I won’t have long to dedicate to this month’s challenge, and to be honest, I find Cinderella a bit sickly-sweet. My very, very first thought was to make an evil dove, which deliberately mis-sorted some grain, so that Cinderella never got to go to the ball in the first place. Really, I wish she’d just have grown a back bone and given back as good as she got…..but then, simply the idea of going to a fancy ball to mingle with royalty fills me with dread, and I’d have much rather stayed at home with a good book. So……..hmmmmm…….I have no idea as yet what I’ll produce this month, but I do have a couple of ideas!

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