The colour of sleep

At the torch, thinking. If I am going to use glass to illustrate Sleeping Beauty, I’m going to use coloured glass. If I’m going to to use coloured glass, I need to know what colour to use. So…. what colour is sleep?

I asked our daughters and they both agreed, sleep is dark blue “like the midnight sky”. I looked it up on Google, and apart from a song which isn’t really to my liking (why have such complicated lyrics if you can’t articulate them?) , found several links to chromatherapy (colour therapy) websites. The idea of colour therapy is that colour can affect mood and to sleep well, chromatherapy suggests that green is good for creating feelings of peace and serenity, while purple helps calm anxiety. Blue encourages daydreaming and the release of ‘sleepy hormones’, while pink can be calming but with different shades appealing to different sexes. Colours to avoid for good sleep would be red, orange and yellow. Apparently studies have shown that these colours can also encourage people to move and eat quickly, a bonus for fast food restaurants but of little help if you want to have a sleeping princess.

As far as borosilicate colour goes, one perfect shade for gentle blues, greens and purples is a Momka colour, Violet Medley. This is a sister glass to Stormy Weather, but Stormy Weather tends to produce more of the yellows and browns and is in any case not a very sleep-inducing name.

Having chosen a glass to aid with sleep, I decided to use it to make a perfume (or potion) bottle to help that spindle with its plans. The only shape for such a bottle would of course be spindle-shaped. Spindle bottles seem to have been popular in the ancient world to hold perfumes, medicines or poisons (like this one) . Roman and late Greek lachrymatories also had a spindle shape and were, romantically, supposed to be bottles to “hold the tears of mourners” .  I think, though, for the purposes of the evil fairy, my bottle holds poison, or at least a potion.

Being an evil fairy’s bottle, I also added a touch of red. Not for sleep but to remind Briar Rose of the blood of her pricked finger. Wouldn’t want her sleeping too easily for those hundred years. The stopper is, of course, a rose.

So here it is, my evil fairy’s perfume/potion bottle. Technically, I’m not happy with the foot and think that I would like to remake it without the foot but with a small metal stand. I like the idea of the bottle finishing with a point.

Sleep perfume bottles

The colour of Sleep


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3 Responses to The colour of sleep

  1. Kev says:

    That is just so beautiful, the way the colours “drift & float” around each other, the rose stopper is gorgeous.

    For some reason I’ve only just picked up on ‘Untold Tales’, what a brilliant idea, can’t wait to see what you do for the ‘Brothers Grimm’

  2. Kev says:

    Sorry, clicked post comment before adding after ‘Brothers Grimm’ – Rumpelstiltskin

  3. Sabine says:

    It’s just perfect, Emma – as you know, my instant response was ‘muddy blue with hints of brown’ – which I think is because I feel sleep ‘roots’ us physically to earth, with that solid, heavy feeling, while our mind takes to the skies (yes, I thought about it since you asked ;o) This bottle has all the colours I associate with sleep, it would be lovely to see a metal stand version.