Research or creative flow?

Right! I’m quite pleased – in a way – to have encountered something worthy of an ‘untold tale’ in the process of creativity in my very first attempt. You see…I decided to make a spindle, so I went into the studio, and made a spindle. Period.

This was how I remembered it looking from my children’s fairy tale books – essentially, a stick with thread on. And if I’m honest, I’m quite pleased with my stick :o ).

But then I came back inside, and started looking at spindles. Specifically, bearing in mind the spindle’s power in Sleeping Beauty, I was tickled by this book:

Respect the Spindle

Respect the Spindle, indeed! Now, a crucial difference between all those spindles and mine is, you’ll have seen it, the disc that stops the thread from coming all the way down the – erm – sticky bit.

Thankfully, I have also found illustrations of ‘my’ type of spindle:

Spindle illustration

- but the question remains- had I done my research first, would I still have made the spindle from my childhood memory, which obviously stuck in my head for 30+ years, overriding all other images of spindles I must have seen since, or would the adult brain inside me have felt obliged to attempt the now more commonly accepted image of a spindle. Have I, in fact, made a spindle, or an interpretation of one, from a half-remembered image last seen by a little girl, sitting on her mother’s lap, on a dark sofa in 1970s Germany.

And does it matter?

PS: You’ll have seen the drop of blood. This spindle has been armed. You might only have a split second before Zzzzzz…….. :o )

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